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We want to help content creators. We did a comparison table to help them see why Winko is the best option.

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If you are a content creator, you will have to verify your identity. Please follow this simple guide.

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It doesn't matter if you are a brand new content creator or a seasoned one. You have heard at some point about the top percentage and of course, someone bragging about it. Have you ever wondered what that means? Or, what is that metric, that many creators live for, means?

Onlyfans has been keeping in the obscurity a straight answer. Why they should open a magic formula that is working? They have their users exactly where they want: fighting (competing) among each other. Even worst, some of them discriminate against others because of this metric.

Let's try to explain this top percentage metric and why we think it is useless in the medium run.

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Some Content Creators don't always have the motivation to write something in their post and Fans don't read long texts. Trust us, there is a good reason why putting a good description may help. Usually in the following situations:

  • Motivates Fan to Unlock or Subscribe, and
  • Helps SEO to be indexed.

Let's discuss both.

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Winko Club is different from other similar style websites and shows that any content creator that is committed to its work and shows focus and dedication matters here. When you make the effort we see that you deserve support.

Winko has developed the following ways to support its verified content creators:

  • Automatic advertising on our Facebook fans page and Twitter account.
  • Manual design of an ad for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram of our last week top-5 content creators.
  • Lower fee than others, which means more money for you.
  • Free customized coaching to improve your social networks and your Winko profile.
  • Mailing List with Tips and Important Information
  • Social interaction.
  • Anti-fraud protection.

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