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What is Winko?

Winko is the club where all content creators will be able to sell their content safely. We believe that creativity should be rewarded safely.

Is this a Scam?

No way! Winko Club is backed by a Canadian Company. We are very transparent, please read the Terms of Service to know who, what, how, where and when.

Where may I read the Terms of Service?


Content Creator Account

How do I Sign up as a Content Creator?

You need to sign up as a normal user, please go to https://winko.club/register. After you have your account, you will need to verify it, the system will tell you that, or you can go directly to https://winko.club/profile/verification. The system will ask for some information including an ID card (you will get the fine detail on the page). After you get your verification, you will need to set up your pricing, you can go directly to https://winko.club/profile/set-fee.

After these three steps, you are ready to start posting.

Is there any Restriction on which Country I am from Signing up?

Technically speaking, you can sign up from any place on Earth. However, we recommend checking PayPal's coverage out, as we use it to pay all the content creators.

How do I delete my account?

We do not delete accounts, if you want, we will disable your account permanently. Please note that is action is irreversible. Should you wish to deactivate your Winko! account, please contact Winko! customer support at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to submit your deactivation request.

How do I earn Money using Winko?

There are different ways your fans may pay you:

  • by subscribing to you on monthly basis, they will have access to all your content (free and paid);
  • by following for free and unblocking single posts, they will be able to see only free posts and only those they have paid for; and
  • by customized content sold using our chat, you will be able to send locked content, your fans will need to pay if they want to enjoy it.

What is the verification process?

You will need to send through the https://winko.club/profile/verification the country you are from, a contact (usually your WhatsApp number) and a selfie holding a government-issued ID card. Please note that the selfie must be clear, verification agents must be able to read the card without issues.

How do I get paid?

As your customers start spending money on your content, you will see your earned balance.

winko balance

When you get to the minimum of C$ 25, you can claim your payment. We will transfer the balance to the PayPal account you have configured with us. Please review our Terms of Service as this document supersedes any information in this article.

What is the fee that Winko takes from my Earnings?

We take 15% of any transaction. Please review our Terms of Service as this document supersedes any information in this article.

Do I need a Free Profile and a Paid One?

No at all, one of the coolest features in Winko is that in one profile you can mix paid and free content. Free posts are done by setting the lock icon to an open green one. Free posts are very useful to give free teasers of what users may expect on the paid content, use them wisely.

winko free post

Locked (paid) posts have the closed yellow icon.

winko paid post

May I sell customized content?

Yes of course! Go to the Message center and when you chat with your fan, you can attach your content and put a price.

winko send paid customized content

Your fan will get a message similar to this.

winko get paid customized content

If your fan pays for it, it will be unlocked and your balance will increase.

May I forward my Followers to Another Platform?

No way! If we detect you are suggesting your profile visitors go to an external website in any way (such as the competitor's website or a social media where you advertise selling content directly or indirectly) without prior transaction on Winko, you will get a warning. If you continue with such behaviour, your account may be cancelled. Please review our Terms of Service as this document supersedes any information in this article.

Your Winko profile has social media fields that are shown to your profile visitors only if they are subscribed to you. A casual visitor or a follower of free content will not be able to know your social media accounts.

Winko doesn't ignore any Content Creators (regardless of the number of their followers), we offer a lower fee and free advertising to support you. We expect you conduct your business in our club.

Support for Content Creators

How do I ask for Support?

You can always use the Facebook chat at the bottom, if you opt for that please make sure to identify yourself. Depending on the nature of your question we may ask for something to make sure you are who you are (for example money matters).

If you prefer email, you can write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You must use the email you have registered with us to know who you are.

What do I do if I am unable to log in to my account? I am sure my username and password are correct.

Make sure your username is the email address you register with, not the alias you use to promote your Winko profile. You may want to use the password reset option.

winko password reset

If this option doesn't work for you or you do not have access to the email, please contact support. You will have to verify your identity before any access is granted.

How do you deal with Refund claims from Buyers?

All purchases through Winko are final. There are only two situations where a refund to the buyer may apply. Please read our Terms of Service to get the fine detail.

In the case of people using stolen credit cards, we rely on the technology of our third-party credit card processors. We use Stripe to charge the credit cards; it has the technology to avoid fraud (it asks for zipcode, it compares credit card country against buyer's IP country and many other techniques.). However, if someone manages to bypass those controls and does an unauthorized transaction, make sure we will fight all the cases.

If the bank charges us back in the sad event, we will deduct the chargeback from your balance.

How do I Report an Account or a Publication?

If you are being an object of harassment or any other misbehaviour, please report this to support. You will need to provide proof of this (such as a screenshot).

If you want to report a post, please use the following link https://winko.club/report-content. Please explain the issue and how it conflicts with you. We will get back to you.

What do I do if I suspected that my Account has been Accessed by Someone else?

Please make sure you are setting up a complex password and the email you are using is not well-known. The only way a person may access an account is through a logging account. You are the sole responsible for keeping this password safe.

How does Advertising work?

We will program our automation platform to publish the link of your Winko profile at least once a day on our Twitter account and Facebook fan page. Please note that this is done on the best effort basis as we are not responsible for the limitations of such platforms. Some manual and customized ads are done to selected content creators; the rules are not specified yet, we will select these content creators as we realize they are committed to Winko.


Is it allowed to Post Content with Another Content Creator?

Yes, as far as your partner's age is a minimum of 18 years old. It also must be consensual. If for a reason we have a doubt, we will ask you for a release.

In the specific case of the photographers, we will require a release for each model.

May I Post Content smoking Weed?

We are a Canadian company, recreational weed is allowed. Only weed, any other kind of drugs will not be tolerated.

Other Platforms

What are the differences between OnlyFans and Winko?

In short, the following:

  1. Lower fee, we take the 15% which means more money for our content creators.
  2. Easy verification, the process is quick as Winko only asks for a selfie holding a government ID. Winko does its verifications manually and in case the photo is of low quality or something doesn't look right, the new content creator will be contacted to clarify.
  3. We help our content creators with advertising. Please read about our benefits to get a clear idea of this. We promote our profiles on our social networks. Please note that this does not exclude any content creator from doing self-promotion.