(Reading time: 2 - 3 minutes)

Content Creator's success is measured mostly by a) the number of followers and b) the number of engagements. The number of followers could be measured depending on the platform you use, you can measure your followers by the total of likes on your fan page, the number of followers or subscriptions. The number of engagements is calculated by the number of people who react to a given post; likes, hearts, stars or comments are some ways to know this.

Being a successful content creator comes with a big responsibility. You will have the power to give your thoughts, opinions and influence on others' actions. The impact of your content depends on the field. Entertainment posts usually do not impact people's behaviours but a political post (especially on election times) could change some people's minds with serious consequences. Anyway, it is always important to know that being a content creator becomes the power of being heard.

As you grow in public, you will be heard more and more. And of course, you could be criticized by people who do not agree with your thinking or who put you on the spot because of a non-sense post. Therefore, we will share with you some thoughts about how to be a better content creator, regardless of your field of knowledge.

Read News About your Industry Everyday

Easy, you must know what is happening in your industry to know what to post. Get in the habit of reading every day what is happening in the world. Nowadays, this is quite easy, any smartphone with applications such as Medium can give you access to relevant information.

Write on the Regular

If you don't post anything, you will be forgotten. You do not need to post every day one hundred posts, but yes every day, every 3 days a good relevant post about the subjects you publish about.

Play it smart, posting a lot of irrelevant material could damage your image more than not posting. Not posting makes people forget about you. So, make a habit of this and always look to publish nice and relevant material. Quality over quantity.

Study your Industry's Audience

This is a big one. Depending on your industry, you may find that you can target different types of public. Identify them, for example, you may do profiles that include one of the following characteristics:

  • age range
  • gender
  • city
  • language
  • any other characteristic you may think is useful.

This will help you to know what subjects your public is interested in.

Establish your Own Style or Brand

So sadly, you are not, and won't be, the only content creator in your industry. You will need to stand from others by doing something different.

Network On Every Opportunity

After you publish something make It visible as much as you can. Share the direct link on your social networks, if you follow someone that you consider an authority in your industry, comment on their post and suggest your material to complement theirs.