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If you are a content creator, you will have to verify your identity. Please follow this simple guide.

If You Haven't Signed Up

Please go to https://winko.club/register and follow the form. Make sure you use the right email as all information will be delivered there.

winko signup

Upload Your Id

This is the most important step to be verified as a Winko content creator. Go to https://winko.club/profile/verification and fill the following form.

winko verify profile 1


  • Country and City are the country and city of your current address. If you are a foreign national, it is normal that your current country and city are different than the identification you upload.
  • Contact information. Put how to contact you in case we have any doubt. The profiles and telephone numbers you put here will be confidential. They may be used to backup your verification in case we have doubts about your identity.

Don't forget your ID selfie

This is the most important thing.

winko verify profile 2

The selfie you upload must:

  • be clear enough to read your full name and your date of birth (make sure there is enough light and if you can't read the identification, we won't either),
  • be an un-edited photo (don't send PDF or any manipulated format, it will be rejected),
  • show your face clearly (we must be able to tell that you are the person of the credential),
  • have a non-expired government-issued ID photo (national identification, passport or driving license are good examples). The identification must have your full name and your date of birth.

Sometimes Winko team may contact the content creator to ask for additional proof.

If you are verified, you will get an email with some directions of what is next (pricing). If you are not verified, you will get an email with directions on how to resend your documentation.