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Yeah! OnlyFans has declared that from October 1st, 2021 it will no longer allow NSFW content. If you are a content creator with some history, you will find that moving out all your content may be a very overwhelming task. Do not worry, Winko Club can move the past material for you while you focus on the present.

  • Will it work? Yes, it works and it will work for you. Winko is not a sprint but a marathon.
  • Do I need to pay? No! Not a single cent.
  • Would I be wasting my time? Not at all, and this is why we are writing the following proposal.

Moving to Winko From Other Platforms

For a limited time (until further notice), Winko Club will be moving your content from other platforms to ours out of charge (totally free!). Please read how it works:

  1. You will need to sign up and verify your account in Winko.
  2. Contact us through any of our socials, you will have to provide a free subscription to your account (one time only),
  3. Within the first month, we will be moving your publications to Winko, starting from the old ones to the latest.


Read our article that compares Winko versus other platforms.