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Some Content Creators don't always have the motivation to write something in their post and Fans don't read long texts. Trust us, there is a good reason why putting a good description may help. Usually in the following situations:

  • Motivates Fan to Unlock or Subscribe, and
  • Helps SEO to be indexed.

Let's discuss both.

Paid Content With Bad Description

The following image is an example of what a content creator shouldn't be doing.

blocked content with bad description

Mainly because:

  • New users (unsubscribed) don't have any idea of what may come. If there is no message that invites them to see what is there, buyers just pass and look somewhere else. There is way too much free content in the network, there is too many scams out there. Buyers are now playing safe.
  • It dives a poor SEO; search engines such as Google, Bing (and others) can't learn nor classify a post like this; even if the image was public, technology needs help from text to know what is watching. Organic search results are a good source of new fans.

Paid Content With a Good Description

This post is what Winko Club considers having a good description.

blocked content with good description

Mainly because:

  • Potentially new subscribed fans have a good idea of what is coming if they unblock it. This message invites the curious to wonder what is behind the curtains; there is an invitation, there is a description that gives a simple idea and it opens the imagination to want more.
  • It drives a good SEO as the phrase "hard to feel comfortable in clothes" and keyword "skin" gives a good sense to the search engines of what this is about. Even if this post was public, it would help to index the image properly.

Invest 1 Minute More

Winko Club invites all content creators to post their material with us. Take your time when posting something, a one-line creative and accurate description in your new posts will make a difference in the quality of your profile. If you have the time and patient you may do a list of keywords you want to be identified for, then use them in your posts as they fit.

We look forward to reading your thoughts.