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It doesn't matter if you are a brand new content creator or a seasoned one. You have heard at some point about the top percentage and of course, someone bragging about it. Have you ever wondered what that means? Or, what is that metric, that many creators live for, means?

Onlyfans has been keeping in the obscurity a straight answer. Why they should open a magic formula that is working? They have their users exactly where they want: fighting (competing) among each other. Even worst, some of them discriminate against others because of this metric.

Let's try to explain this top percentage metric and why we think it is useless in the medium run.

What puts a Content Creator on top of a Fellow One?

If you search on the Internet about the top percentage, you will find many discussions about it. They mostly agree that this metric has to do with the social interaction (likes, comments, followers) within the last 30-days window rather than the monthly income you are having. If you have a lot of social interaction, logic may say that your income is big, but not always.

When you sign up on OnlyFans, your 30-days window race starts. You are at the 0% top. Many content creators have started doing what they call L4L (like for like), F4F (following for following) or S4S (subscription for subscription); which means to reciprocate they interact socially between them, therefore the top percentage starts rising.

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As the image shows and the metric implies, it means that one creator is ranked on top of others.

top creators barYou can see it like this. When a new content creator account is opened it starts with a 0 percent top-creator metric. As soon as this new creator starts getting follows (organic or by an agreement such as S4S, L4L or F4F) the top percentage position will skip all the inactive accounts. This is where the fun starts.

Now think, this content creator is not the only one. If this content creator was doing an exchange agreement both will increase its position. Since this is a percentage, it implies an order. This content creator will step some positions ahead, but the other will as well. Who will put its position on top of the others? Whoever has more exchange agreements; the one who for some reason receives more likes, follows, or subscriptions than its peers.

Don't forget this metric has a 30 days window. This means that if for a reason, one content creator got a lot of likes, follows or subscriptions on day 1, by day 32 that amount will not apply to its rate, it will decrease dramatically.

Being on top of others is something that consumes a lot of time, gives a lot of stress, and it doesn't really mean you are selling. This metric is agreement-proof, meaning that is thought to discover top-creators that they don't even try getting on top of others by agreements. Think of one easy example, a celebrity. If a singer, actor/actress or anyone that is well-known worldwide opens an account (even a free account), this celebrity will start getting a lot of followers; any single post will get way too many likes. All this without giving back the follow or the like to those who have given it. This metric puts them on top of everybody without even wanting to do it.

Do you still think being a top X % OnlyFans content creator helps? Maybe just to get on top of the abandoned accounts.

Market Cannibalism: A Gentlemen's (or Ladies') Agreement

The main idea behind doing L4L, S4S or F4F is that your profile gets exposure as it will be suggested to potential buyers when they are watching other's profiles. In a happy world, everybody gets more exposure. However, there are two main topics on this:

  • Market Cannibalism: buyers do not have an infinite amount of money to spend on luxury services. Most of them are under a budget. Have you ever thought on this: all your big effort doing self-promoting on your social networks could be for nothing as a suggested profile may catch the buyer's attention (and money). Limit resources on an oversaturated market that could steal the sale at the last minute.
  • Gentlemen's (or in this case Ladies') Agreement:, the L4L, S4S or F4F is based on a mutual agreement that everybody must honour: not only take but give. If you give, you are contributing to the market cannibalism, if you don't then you are not honouring your word.

Tricky right?

Ranking Without Discrimination

Winko Club recognizes that there should be a way to recognize content creator effort, but it must be in a way that content creators won't feel like it is a competition or it may be used to discriminate against others. We will update this article when we have a way to recognize our content creators without making them compare one another.

So why go through all the trouble for a number they don't even fully understand?

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