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It is clear that COVID-19 has affected us at some level in our lives. From staying at home the most part of the time up to losing the job or in the worst case a significant one. Here, we are going to talk about employment and how Winko! can help you during these crazy days.

Employments during the Pandemic

It is clear that governments over the world have been trying to stop the spread in their own way. Many governments have published a list of non-essential businesses. For example, the Government of Ontario has published on its website the list of essential businesses that are allowed to operate. Businesses that remain operating must change their ways in order to minimize the exposure risk. Some changes are:

  • Reducing the working hours of employees in order to reduce the number of people in the same places,
  • laying off non-essential workers,
  • sending home essential workers to work from home.

Sadly, the businesses that are face-to-face are the most affected. According to Daffodil blog and USA Today blog, the industries most impacted have been:

  • Technology, Automakers, and Construction
  • Insurance
  • Sports and Entertainment: Gambling, Movie Theatres, Live Sports, Cruises, Film Production, Gyms
  • Hyperlocal Marketplaces: Transportation
  • Travel and Tourism: Airlines, Hotels, Shipping, Conventions, Theme Parks
  • Retail and eCommerce: Food Service
  • Fintech

So, somehow everybody has been affected. You could have been laid off or, gotten reduced working hours (which means less income). Few have still the same.

Who are the Most Affected?

As the logical rule says, non-essential personnel are the first to get the hit. This could be translated into entry-level positions. What kind of people have entry-level positions?

  • young adults,
  • people without a post-secondary education,
  • students, or
  • recently graduated.

It is not a rule but these people are the first to take the hit by the economic crisis that COVID-19 drives.

Do Not Depend on the Government's Help, How to Help Yourselves?

Besides the awesome work that some governments are doing for their citizens. It is clear that it is not enough. The government's help won't give you the same revenue, it helps but it still hurts. This is where services like Winko! come hoping to help you.

If you consider yourself a person with some of these qualities, you potentially could be a content creator:

  • imaginative and creative: you always try to think of new ways to show your ideas,
  • out-of-the-box thinker: you find unusual ways to express yourself,
  • knowledgable of your area or industry: you know what your public wants and you have it.

Depending on your creativity and the material you produce, some content creators are able to make hundreds of dollars weekly. Being a content creator is something that doesn't need to be boring, in most cases it is really entertaining.

If you are considering that this could be one option, think that people are getting bored because of self-isolation. The truth is that the computer is the only safe window to the outworld for many.

Let us help eachother together.