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Winko Club is different from other similar style websites and shows that any content creator that is committed to its work and shows focus and dedication matters here. When you make the effort we see that you deserve support.

Winko has developed the following ways to support its verified content creators:

  • Automatic advertising on our Facebook fans page and Twitter account.
  • Manual design of an ad for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram of our last week top-5 content creators.
  • Lower fee than others, which means more money for you.
  • Free customized coaching to improve your social networks and your Winko profile.
  • Mailing List with Tips and Important Information
  • Social interaction.
  • Anti-fraud protection.

Automatic Advertising

We will post using an automatic tool a post on our Twitter account @winko_club and our Facebook Fan Page the.winko.club. All our followers on those pages will see the link to your page.

For Twitter:

automatic twitter winko ad post

For Facebook:

automatic facebook winko ad post

Note 1: Twitter and Facebook have their own limits. We will do our best to do this advertising as their platform allows.

Note 2: If you ever change your username, you will need to let us know to change

Manual Design of an Ad

Mrs. Winko, our administrative madame is always up to support all our Content Creators. She will select the top-5 content creators from the last week. The criteria will be:

  • Creators who have posted the most content the last week.

Mrs. Winko will contact those selected creators and ask for some PG photos if she doesn't have any. She will create some post as follow.

For Facebook:

customized facebook winko ad post

For Twitter:

customized twitter winko ad post

For Instagram:

customized instagram winko ad post

Lower Fee than Others

While others take 20%, Winko asks for 15%. 5% may not be a lot of money in the short run, but it will make a difference in the long run.

Free Customized Coaching

Mrs. Winko is always watching the website and evaluating the creators' profiles. If she sees that there is room for improvement, she will contact you with a suggestion.

Mailing List

Content creators will get from time to time an email from our mailing list. You will get important information about features, rules, news and anything that is relevant.

Social Interaction

If we know the social accounts of our content creators, Winko, Mrs. Winko and Mr. Winko will follow where we can. We will interact, answer, retweet, like or whatever the action. This will help your friends and followers to notice you. For example:

mr winko social interaction

Anti-Fraud Protection

Maybe this is one of the coolest things. Winko uses Stripe. Stripe is leading the credit card processing with some really cool things. One of them is an amazing anti-fraud protection technique that will refuse high-risk credit card activity. Make sure that if a scammer manages to bypass this security, we will fight any penny paid to avoid any refund to the given credit card.

We look forward to seeing all your content creators have great business with us.